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Welcome to my new Website

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I've been involved in websites in one way or another since the very early days of the web. Writing HTML pages and at the very beginning actually building websites using FLASH which was excellent as the animation and functionality was very rich indeed.

Moving forward a bit into the mid 1990s and working in a corporate environment, I was once again on the "cutting edge" of development in the brand new Microsoft offering of IIS or Internet Information Server which was a very steep learning curve to say the least.
Back then it was sort of like the "wild west" where it seemed like anything goes would get you some sort of result. IIS introduced me to web interaction where we could write code in "ASP" or Active Server Pages that connected to a database in SQLServer (sequalservern), run data query and return a "result".
During that time I had to learn code languages and database administration all at the same time!

Moving onto more recent times

With all the skills I'd picked up over the years I've built some nice websites for small businesses and created a few of my own. Technology seems to move faster and faster these days and creating a website that'll stand up to the changes happening can be a bit challenging.
I've been using WORDPRESS and the DIVI framework for the past few years and have found that the combination of the two is very flexible. It actually too flexible for me!

There is so much flexibility with the DIVI theme in Wordpress that its really easy to make a website too complex and so introduce problems if you're not building websites every day.

Why Switch to RapidWeaver?

Of course I'd used RapidWeaver from the very start and even built a few sites with it for small business customers so I'm pretty familiar with it. I'm really looking for a simpler way to create websites and a system that does not create complexity.
In contrast to RapidWeaver's simplicity of use, Wordpress seems to get "updated" and creates issues with the Divi framework often rendering the website invisible and broken.

No such complexity with RapidWeaver as it's all created in the Application and then uploaded once it's all working. This is a much safer way to create a website. It's also an easier way for me to offer Website Services to people.

I'm enjoying my reintroduction to RapidWeaver Classic and am really looking forward to the new RapidWeaver Elements application that is in the works.

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