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How to Play the Game!

When we take on the Matrix and try to play them at their own game using both Legislation and Natural Law we REALLY need to know how to play the game!

Over the past few years I've spent time educating myself and others in the art of knowing that we've all been deceived since the day we were born. The deceptive use of language that tricks us into believing that we are being taken care of while every move the State machine makes is designed to strip us of our natural and inalienable rights and to keep us on an ever downward spiral towards destitution.

This is the MATRIX playing a game of its own making and playing by their own rules of that game. Rules that are increasingly complex and at time contradictory. One piece of legislation says this and another says the opposite. This leaves it up to "judges" to decide which bit of legislation wins on the day. Good luck navigating your way through the MILLIONS of acts and statutes that might apply to your situation that could have the decision coming down in your favour.

It seems an impossible task, yet this is what we must do to some degree to allow ourself the freedom to live in peace without fear of the Matrix Agents (Police, debt collectors, bailiffs and revenue protection officers) gaming up on us to ultimately extract money from us.

How is the game played?

The good news is that "their game" is not the only game in town. Sure they would have you believe that the only option to to play their game and by their rules BUT you do have the option of standing your ground and applying your natural rights to your situation.

Having this mindset is so important in your fight against the Matrix. Securing that mindset is very challenging as your indoctrination and brainwashing has been daily and constant throughout your life so don't be surprised if you slip back into the Matrix Thinking now and again. Just know that whatever THEY tell you is designed to trick you into playing THEIR game by THEIR RULES rather than playing your game by your rules in natural law.

The Deception

The basis of the whole deception is that when you are born, the immediately create another "Version" of you in the legal world. Lets call that "The Legal Fiction".
The legal world is ALL based in CONTRACT and requires agreement between the parties; that's you (the baby) and the Government. What the Government relies on is your silent agreement also known as "acquiescence" to taking responsibility for the Legal Fiction which of course you do as the whole of society is built on you the living man or woman having a "legal name".

At every step throughout your life you're taken responsibility for a legal fiction, or debtor, not realising that you the living being is actually the Creditor and that all of Society is built upon you energy.

Borrowing Money (a further deception)

When you want to buy a large or expensive item, you might well believe you need to "Borrow" money. The biggest example of this type of situation is buying a home. You go to the bank and ask to borrow let's say £200,000 and the bank asks you to sign an agreement to "pay it back".

At the moment you put your signature (sign of nature) on the agreement, that is the moment the "money" is created. YES YOU CREATE THE MONEY!

The Bank then deceives you into thinking they have lent you their money and you have to pay it back. People all over the World are finding out that the Mortgage Game is the biggest scam ever to be created.

Where do we go from here?

My aim in this is to help people comprehend the depth of deception and for you to fully realise the power that is in you the living being. In 2022 I started to run The Sovereign Project Workshop series in Northampton. This is a Seminar Course of two hour educational sessions taking delegates from the basics through to having the basic tools that will enable you to play the game at a master level.

I'm planning to run that workshop course once again (online zoom) with a limited audience and to follow that on with a brand new 16 week course of "In Depth" educational seminars.

Access to the courses will be limited to people who i've met in person and who are willing to stay the course and attend each week.

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