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Mindset Monday Number One



#MindsetMonday number one

Welcome to my very first post for this Mindset Monday series of blogs. For those of you who have attended either of my workshops in Northampton of Crick, you'll already know that your Mindset is something I talk about quite a bit.

You see, we're all subjected to an enormous amount of "brainwashing" from TV, Advertising, Magazines, Newspapers and TV Series and Soap Operas that effectively feed us instruction on how we should live our lives!
This is how you are "guided" into a way of thinking and being, telling you how to "operate" in our society.

Over time you can escape the constant barrage of brainwashing through gradually turning away from the main stream media and starting to think critically about everything you see and hear.

Having the right mindset is so much more than being sceptical about what is "in the news" we need to think about what we are hearing and seeing and ask ourselves if there might be some long term agenda behind it all.

It's not an easy thing to do or to get right but with practice we can all start to see the deception that is played on us through the News and Social Media.

My plan is to offer a little Mindset helper every Monday in what I'll call #MindsetMonday Blogs here on my website in order to create a sort of Mindset reminder resource that you can check back on from time to time.

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