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English Counties Assembly

On the face of it "The English Counties Assembly" sounds like all of the other groups who seem to offer access to the Escape Hatch from the Matrix and the tyranny that we struggle against every day; but I am happy to report that following a presentation yesterday at Nether Hayford Village Hall by Stephen from The English Counties Assembly that they are certainly not the same as the other people promising a solution to all of the issues we currently face.

While I sat listening to the presentation, my mind sparked up certain similarities to "The Republic of England" who promised ways to escape the matrix, and in my experience have so far delivered nothing. Non-delivery mainly blamed on a lack of funding and not enough people paying the various "membership fees" to enable the private banking based organisation to deliver any but training in "status correction".

The English Counties Assembly is VERY different though, and in the second part of the presentation and Q&A session there was a great deal of openness about finances and how we the people can live in financial abundance from the start due to a well worked out process developed over decades that could allow we the people to discharge "debt" using the "Prosperity Card" (in final testing as I write this).

Several countries have created "Gold Backed" notes similar to the GoldBack notes that are in use across America, where 24 karat gold is woven into the fabric of the note or encapsulated in plastic thus giving the note real value. One "GoldBack" is currently valued at $4 (USD) and contains 1/1000 ounce of pure gold.

Is your Mindset on the right track?
Mindset is everything and we all know that the deception perpetrated on us by the Governments across the World has been going on for thousands of years.
We have been and still are being manipulated by the media, Government, Councils, Police and the "justice" system so it's a constant battle for most of use to stay focused on what the reality of our World is and to weed out the lies, half truths and outright coercive behaviour of those who would rob us of our rightful wealth and property.

What the English Counties Assembly has achieved through the decades of work and research done by Anna Von Reitz is to distil the deception right down and actually call it out in a document sent to Pope Francis, call "Estate Claim, Notice of Beneficiaries" which sets out over 12 pages exactly what has been and is still going on.

It's a very interesting read and shows the depth of research and knowledge that is embodied within the organisation.

During the presentation from Stephen at the English Counties Assembly, he made a point of telling us that ACTION IS NEEDED and that we the people aught to be doing that action. It was unclear at first what action he expected us to take and where that would lead. I asked the simple question, "what are the three things we must do…?"

Stephen's answer was that we must join the English Counties Assembly in our Historic County (Northamptonshire), having set up the County within the umbrella of the organisation. And then for all of us to work for the good of the people in whatever way we could.

So setting up a country within the English Counties Assembly needs at least "Two Good Men" preferably more than two, at least 12 for a jury and 15 for a Quorum. Having assembled a Quorum they would immediately "allow" all people over the age of 21 years to join.

Now, you may be thinking that's a bit sexist, and you'd be right BUT this goes back to situations that were in place over 300 years ago. You should note that it is a requirement of the Quorum to immediately ensure equality for all people, so we overcome the archaic ways of the past.

The act of "joining" the assembly is in fact a declaration of your own sovereignty which is sometimes known as "Status Correction" but this is much simpler and I believe more effective than the rather complex process put forward by other groups and "experts" out there.

The reason I feel it is more effective is that the English Counties Assembly is in fact it's own jurisdiction and is completely separate to that of the UK Government. The declaration that you are Sovereign and a living being is sent to the UK Foreign Secretary in the same way that any other country would send similar declarations to another jurisdiction.

Once this is done, you are in fact and international law "in another country" and a separate jurisdiction and therefor not subject to UK Jurisdiction.

As I have said MINDSET is everything and this is a very big mindset shift which will not come easily for many of us who take this route.

Having said that this process does not make you immune to the fight that "THEY" would have with you when they insist on imposing their illegal will on you. We are at war, and the English Counties Assembly is a very good first step towards our Sovereign Freedom and a brighter future.

The ferry on the cake was some discussion on "money", and the fact that The English Counties Assembly are already in final testing stages on their "Prosperity Card", a sort of prepaid debit card that is automatically "credited" with what they call federal dollars (backed by 24k gold) that you can spend on shopping and settle larger "debts with. There was vague talk about settling a mortgage with the card and that 1 federal dollar has a value of $180 (USD) AND that your card could be credited with something around $900,000 a month with 5000 "federal dollars" X $180 which equates to $10.8M a year.
More info on that as we get it…

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